8 Weeks Pregnant

Being 8 weeks pregnant entails a lot of unpleasant symptoms and discomfort. The baby is getting bigger at this point and is starting to look more like a baby than a reptile as his/her facial features take shape. The internal organs are developing as well as are the limbs and the heart. Brain functions are increasing with the nerves becoming visible during ultrasound. Muscle contractions likewise start on week 8 but are not noticeable yet.

Pregnancy is still in its early stages on the 8th week, and some women may have just found out about their condition. Expectant moms should be extra cautious during this period because the risk of miscarriage is high. Symptoms can be experienced at varying degrees but these can be successfully managed through lifestyle changes and proper diet.

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Bodily Changes on Week 8

Bodily changes start to become noticeable when a woman is 8 weeks pregnant. She may not show the so-called pregnancy bump yet, but some changes on her body become evident. Among the physical changes to look forward to on the 8th week of pregnancy include:

  • Heavier weight

Women who are 8 weeks pregnant will have gained approximately 3 pounds, though add only 1 or 2 pounds. Weight gain differs in every pregnancy because some experience severe symptoms while others do not.

  • Breast changes

An 8-week pregnant woman will quickly notice that her breasts are becoming bigger and heavier. They turn tender as well because the lobules begin to grow in preparation for milk production.

  • Skin problems

Skin problems, like acne and pimples, strike during week 8 due to raging hormones.

  • Bigger uterus

First-time moms cannot quickly notice that their uterus is getting bigger, but second-timers can. The waistline begins to expand as well.

Miscarriage is a threat throughout pregnancy but most especially during its early stages. Pregnant women should avoid tiring themselves excessively and exposing themselves to environmental toxins or chemicals.

Symptoms of being 8 Weeks Pregnant

Aside from the physical changes, the 8th week of pregnancy is also marked by several unpleasant and even discomforting symptoms. Take note that these symptoms differ in severity for every woman because their bodies are different from each other.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is brought about the increase of blood flow towards the heart to facilitate heightened heart activity. The hormone progesterone also contributes to fatigue. Progesterone has a calming effect which helps in achieving a healthy pregnancy.

  • Urination

Frequent urination during this time is caused by the heightened blood flow which results in more blood that needs to be filtered by the kidneys. This eventually leads to more urine to be expelled from the body. Increased urination is also more pronounced at night as laying down causes the fluid to easily flow through the kidneys.

  • Digestive problems

Pregnancy causes the digestive system to become sluggish which results in heartburn, indigestion and bloating. The slowing down of the digestive process allows the baby to get nourished as nutrients are not absorbed by the mother’s bloodstream but by the baby.

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  • Morning sickness

This symptom is described as nausea and vomiting. Most women experience this symptom in the morning, but some also suffer from it at night or even the whole day.

  • Abdominal cramping

Abdominal cramping on week 8 of pregnancy is mild, even tolerable. However, a trip to the doctor is needed if it is severe or accompanied by bleeding.

  • Back pain

The growing uterus puts some pressure on the lower back which results in a painful sensation. The pain is sharp and could also be felt on the side of the thighs, buttocks and legs.

Other than the aforementioned, an 8-week pregnant woman may likewise notice that her sense of smell is heightened, weird dreams become frequent and being extra hungry. All these and more are the manifestations that the body is adjusting to accommodate the growing fetus.

Fetal Development on Week 8

A lot changes are happening with the baby on week 8. The baby is around 0.63 inches long and 0.04 ounces. He or she is now acquiring the form of a baby as the nose, eyelids and lips take shape while the tail disappears. The upper limbs are forming as well and the baby can move them already. His or her taste buds begin to form, as the heart, which now beats rapidly, divides into 4 chambers. The neural tube in the brain, on the other hand, is almost closed. The intestines, as well as the cells that would later become the testes or ovaries, start to form on week 8.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy on Week 8

At  this stage, expecting women will find it comfortable to wear loose-fitting wardrobe and footwear. Maternity bras are indispensable too as they provide relief and ample support for sore breasts. Healthy diet, getting lots of rest and taking prenatal vitamins are also important for a healthy pregnancy.

8 weeks pregnant – pictures

Here are images of the belly and ultrasound for a woman who is eight weeks pregnant.

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