Beef Liver – Nutrition

Beef liver is a very popular meat among non-vegetarians. It is rich in important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. An almost 70 gram of liver slice contains 5-10% of the daily value amount of fat, 2-4% daily value of sodium and 1-2% daily value of carbohydrates. It has approximately 130-140 calories. Liver is a big repository of many useful nutrients and hence it is good if you include it in your diet.

Beef Liver Nutrition

If compared with chicken and pork liver, Beef liver has the maximum amount of nutrition. Following are nutrition details-

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Protein is very important to run the body. It is involved in making and repairing the body cells, converting the food into energy, making hormones and enzymes. Basically, it is like the basic building blocks of body. Protein breaks down to form amino acids. Out of 21 essential amino acids, our body can produce only 12 of them. The rest are obtained from various amino-acid rich foods. Beef liver is a big source of rest of the 9 amino-acids. Hence, it has great nutritional value as it provides with one of the most important substance crucial to survive.


Vitamin B-12 which is naturally synthesised in human body is very important resource to generate genetic material, red blood cells (RBC) and neurological health as well. A 65-70 gram beef liver slice has around 2000% of recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin B-12 and 900% of RDA of Vitamin A for adult females. Vitamin A is prime source of vision, cell activities and reproductive health. Riboflavin a protein required for good metabolism and same amount of Beef Liver provides around 200% RDA of Riboflavin for female adults and 185% for males. Riboflavin is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin.


Zinc is a mineral which is necessary for daily body activities like- immunity, cellular metabolism, protein and genetic material generation etc. A 65-70 gram slice of beef liver provides zinc amount- approximately 125% RDA for female adults and 90% RDA for male adults. Also, Iron is another mineral and everybody is aware of its function in the body. It forms haemoglobin in the red blood cells which carries oxygen to body-cells for breaking down the digested food to produce energy.

Hence, this important mineral is also present is large quantities in beef liver- around 50% RDA of males and 25% RDA of females which is a lot as compared to the total amount of .006% present in the human body.


Beef Liver fails at this part as it has lot of cholesterol. Our body does not require it because it is naturally produced in enough amounts required for cell and hormone creation.

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Apart from the above mentioned nutrition there is a long list of items present in each category discussed above. Beef Liver is high on nutritional value and must be included in diet for healthy living.

Benefits of eating Beef Liver

  1. Low calories- A single serving or a slice has only 130-150 calories only. But a large amount of minerals, proteins and vitamins in the same small slice. A win-win diet it is!
  2. Maximal Amount of Nutrients- Nutrient packed diet in a single food is given by beef liver.
  3. Much lower fat content as compared to chicken and pork liver. Hence it should definitely be preferred.
  4. Anti-fatigue Factor- As per an experiment conducted on rats, it has been proved that those who eat liver don’t get fatigued easily. Their threshold is much higher than any normal healthy person who does not eat liver. It magically shoots up the body-energy!


  1. High on cholesterol content.
  2. If consumed daily then the body may not accept it as it has higher amount of certain vitamins and proteins and the body needs time the process it. Too much amount may lead to toxin production in the body.

Myths Related to Consuming Liver

The function of liver in human body is to filter out toxins. So it was believed that it should not be consumed as its’ job is filthy and it may harm the body. But this is a total myth. Liver does filter out toxins but it does not store them. In fact, it has the powerful substances or nutrients required to work against the toxins’ harmful effects. Always go for liver of animals who spend their lives outdoors on pastures. One can also buy the stored one from Wal-Mart. Conventionally raised animals must be avoided to have their liver.

If you feel icky to eat liver then grind it and freeze to form small cubes. This way you can add it in your dish and hide it with flavours and spices. Simple enough! Try eating it and slowly the taste will be developed. Beef Liver fails nowhere except for the cholesterol amount which can be managed with some physical workout.

The high amount of energy that it provides is unbeatable till date and doctors recommend it to cure many diseases like- anaemia, osteoporosis etc.

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