Bumps on Thighs

There are a numerous number of conditions that might cause an unnatural bump to appear on your thighs. It is seen most of the times that these conditions are normal and mild and might not require a high end medical treatment. However, if it seems to be serious it is advised to get a serious medical intervention done before it breaks up your legs from the inside.

Well to get the most out of your medical treatment, determine the actual cause of the bump and reveal every detail regarding it to the consulted physician. This will help you treat the condition in a much more effective manner.

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There could be many causes for this condition that might bamboozle you but one common known cause for bumps appearing on your thighs could be hidradentis suppurativa. This disease could be disgusting at times as the lesion from it could sometimes leak and spread an unpleasant odor all over you. These are generally results of oil and dead skin cells that block the hair follicles on the thighs and unknowingly infect them with bacteria.

They might even occur due to genetic reasons, weight gain or even smoking could add up the fuel to cause such a condition.

Folliculate is another similar condition that most often results in red bumps on your inner thighs. However serious bacterial infections could also result in an abscess on the thigh. Similar bumps have also been noticed in people who are affected with molluscum contagiosum infection. This is an infection that is developed upon a direct contact with a lesion or while using an object that might have been affected by the virus.

Painful bumps on the thighs or genitals could even mean that you are affected with a possible STD such as herpes or syphilis. In this case they are often accompanied with fever, headaches, fatigue etc.

Make sure you take a careful look as bumps occurring from within the skin could even be due to tumors. However they rarely occur.

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These are some of the possible causes for bumps on thighs. They are mostly dry, scaly, swollen and in the worst case painful.

Symptoms of bumps on thighs

  1. Blackheads, red bumps are the earliest indicators that you can notice.
  2. Pus and unpleasant odours could be other prominent symptoms.
  3. If you have folliculitis, then itchy boils, painful and inflamed hair follicles could also be an indicator.
  4. Cysts, swelling on the thighs, heated body, pain etc could be among the other symptoms and they generally fall under the condition when your thighs are abscessed.
  5. If you are affected with STD, then you might have symptoms such as blisters, headaches, fatigue and fever.
  6. Dry, scaly and fleshy bumps with a dimple are among the other possible symptoms.

These are the various symptoms that might help you determine the cause of the bump at the earliest.

Treating the Bumps

Dealing with the bump on your thigh could be very easy with a bit of guidance. Hidradentis suppurativa could be treated easily by using gentle and clean soaps. They could even be relaxed by wearing loose clothing and by losing weight. If you are a smoker then consider quitting it at the earliest.

However in a different scenario you might be suggested to use anti-bacterial or anti-fungal cream. Warm compression could even work wonders on a few bumps. Consider getting a good medication done and even resort to wart removal and freezing if required.

In most of the cases they tend to go away without a medication. However your treatment will solely depend on the cause and status of the condition that you are currently suffering in.

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