Cloudy Urine in Men

Milky or cloudy urine in men can be an indicator of the presence of an infection or certain ailments. The color of normal urine can vary in color ranging from water-like clear to dark amber-colored. It may be noted that the color of urine is generally dependent on the level of ammonia and hydration in the body.

It is important to remember that cloudy urine in men, by itself, is not a disease, but a possible indication of underlying conditions. Changes in urine color can however result in discomfort when accompanied by increased desire to urinate or burning sensations or pain during urination.

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Cloudy urine in men is most likely to occur during the mornings due to increased concentration of urine caused by depleted levels of fluids in the body.

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Causes of cloudy urine in men

  • Cloudy urine in men can result from dehydration. Men are more likely to experience loss of fluids from the body due to increased sweating, physical activities and exercises, etc. The water levels in the body can also get depleted due to decreased intake of water, thereby causing dehydration
  • Cloudy urine in men can also result from excessive intake of vitamin supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin B and other water soluble vitamins may get stored in the only in minimal amounts, or may not get stored at all, thereby getting eliminated via urine and giving it a cloudy appearance
  • Proteinuria is a condition characterized by excessive levels of proteins in urine. It is another cause of cloudy urine in men. Men affected by proteinuria must visit a doctor for diagnosis and effective treatment
  • Cloudy urine in men that is accompanied by a foul odor is caused due to occurrence of increased amounts of phosphate crystals in urine. It is a harmless disorder generally caused due to excessive intake of asparagus, beet or large quantities of milk containing higher phosphate percentage. The precipitation of the phosphate crystals is what leads to milky or cloudy urine in men.
  • Urinary tract infections by different pathogens can lead to cloudy urine in men along with other symptoms such as burning sensations during urination, fever, flank pain, frequent urination, etc. A visit to a doctor is necessary to treat cases of UTIs.
  • Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that increases the concentration of bacteria in urine and causes cloudy urine in men as well as women.
  • Infections of the bladder which result in conditions such as cystitis can lead to elimination of cloudy urine in men. The cloudy appearance of urine is usually caused due to increased presence of white blood cells in urine. Other associated symptoms of bladder infections include chills, fever, burning sensation while urinating, etc.
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland, kidney stones, and occurrence of mucus in urine are some of the other reasons for cloudy urine in men.

Treatment of cloudy urine in men

  • Cloudy urine in men is treated as per the underlying causes of the symptom.
  • Bacterial infection of the urinary tract is treated with antibiotics
  • Painkillers are given to ease pain during urination
  • Good genital and personal hygiene as well as intake of lots of fluids is recommended to alleviate the conditions associated with cloudy urine in men.
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