Fordyce Spots on Lips

Fordyce Spots are a skin disorder named after a dermatologist from America, John Addison Fordyce. They are also called by different names such as Fordyce’s condition, Fordyce granules, Angiokeratoma of the scrotum, and sebaceous prominence. They can affect both men and women of all age groups.

Fordyce Spots are skin colored, yellow-white, or pale red small raised area or bumps that may appear on different body parts such as the vermilion border of the lips, the labia, shaft of the penis, or scrotum.  Apart from the reproductive organs of the body, they are also found on the breasts of both men and women. Fordyce Spots are small points and their color does not vary with the pain caused. It is not an infectious disease as it is caused by abnormal activity of sebaceous glands which when produce oil normally prevents skin from cracking and drying. Fordyce Spots do not affect health in any other way.

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Symptoms of Fordyce Spots on lips

Fordyce Spots are a very common problem but Fordyce Spots on lips is not usually discussed.  Some of the Fordyce Spots on lips symptoms include the following:

  • The lips show small white dots
  • Small bumps appear on the lips
  • Corners of the lips get spots
  • White patches may develop on the lips
  • White marks appear on the lips
  • Spots may appear having yellow color on lips
  • Small white bumps are prominent on the lips

Over all the basic symptoms of Fordyce Spots where ever they are present are light colored glaze of diameter of around 1-3mm. They are mostly not painful.

Fordyce Spots on lips – Causes

Fordyce Spots are caused due to the over secreting glands near the lips when they get too full with pus or oil. This causes small white spots around the mouth or lips. The reason of this abnormal secretion of the glands is that the natural oil of the skin (sebum) gets trapped in the sebaceous glands, this oil gets secreted in the hair shaft normally but due to the absence of hair follicles the body does not have any way for the body secretions. This leads to formation of Fordyce Spots.

There is no specific age group which can suffer from this problem; they can occur anytime right from the birth. It is not a skin infection as in case of pimples which are caused when bacteria lives on the skin and feeds on the sebaceous oil, causing inflammation of surrounding tissues.

Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots on lips are self resolving and benign. They usually get cured without any treatment and the health care specialists do not recommend any treatment for them.  But for those people who find them unattractive and a concern cosmetically, there are plenty of treatment options available which accelerates the cure of such spots.

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Fordyce Spots treatment is very popular with Tretinoin cream or gel. This product has reportedly done a good job by reducing the prominence of the spots. According to experts this product when used in combination with alpha hydroxy acid agent can be far more effective. Another treatment can be done with Trichloro acetic acid chemical peel. As the name suggests this peels off the skin on the spots which causes prominent decrease in the appearance of the spots on the lips. But there are some side effects of this treatment such as the skin becomes very sensitive and dry. Continuous moisturizing of the lips is needed and the spots might even return back after cured once.

Other treatment option for Fordyce spots may be cryosurgery, in which the bumps are destructed in cold temperatures.  This is effective method to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips but there is a risk of nerve or tissue damage in the surrounding area of the spots. Fordyce spots can also be treated with laser which has a notable success rate.

Fordyce spots on lips – Natural Treatment

Here are some rare to find home remedies for Fordyce spots on lips which can help the faster cure for the Fordyce spots:

  • Increased intake of garlic in diet can significantly reduce the Fordyce bumps
  • Improved personal hygiene can avaoid aggravation of the spots
  • Diets rich in vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, and K helps in resolving the problem faster
  • Using apple cider vinegar on fordyce spots on lips can also help.  Use it once or twice a week and then wash off with warm water to get rid of the problem.

It is just a cosmetic concern having Fordyce spots on lips and cheeks so there is not much requirement of treating them as they are not long lasting or harmful.

Fordyce Spots on  Lips  Pictures

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