Liquid diets for Weight Loss

Liquid diets are just like any other form of diet and losing weight with liquid diets can be achieved with minimal effort. However it should be adopted carefully and if followed properly they can help you lose weight quickly and will also reduce the excess fat that you have bulked up. Make sure your liquid diet is accurate as it might even cut off your muscle tissues along with the fat tissues.

What do liquid diets mean?

The name itself gives you a clear indication that you are obtaining most of your calories only from drinks. However most of the times a liquid diet involves vegetable and fruit juices that are equivalent to all the meals you normally consume.

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There are liquid diets that people consume only to replace their breakfast and lunch meals and consume a snack bar or have a small dinner at night.

Almost everyone adopt a liquid diet on their own but a medical supervision would be needed for advanced weight loss programs.

Potential of losing weight with liquid diets

This kind of diet works best when it comes to losing weight as they provide very few calories to your body each day. If you tend to focus only on your liquid diet then you are bound to lose around 3 lbs or more per week as a normal liquid diet would give you a minimal of 600-700 calories per day.

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People who follow this diet lose weight on a short term and regain once they cut off their diet. However this could be achieved on a long term by following a good solid diet along with your liquid diet.

Make sure you don’t continue the diet for a longer period as low calories for a long time might develop muscle breakdowns in your body. The best way to prevent this is to exercise regularly along with your diet plan.

Risks involved

Liquid diets are ideal and safe most of the times as they help you manage the overall nutrients that your body should get at times things become worse. Usually people who follow very low calorie diets for over a week or so develop heart beat irregularities.

Sometimes you miss out on essential nutrients that results in gallstones, heart damage, hair loss, fatigue and dizziness at times.

You might even lose your activeness and feel tired more often as your body would crave for more calories. Lack of fibre from whole fruits and vegetables can also lead to constipation. However mostly people complain of muscle loss due to inadequate protein in their diet.

Precautions to consider

To get the best out of your liquid diet enrol yourself to a medically approved program as it will also help you guard your health. These medical diets involve advanced shakes and drinks that will help you spectacularly lose weight and will even keep your body completely boosted throughout the diet period. Precautions can make a whole lot of difference to your liquid diet.

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