Morgellons Disease

What is Morgellons Disease ?

It  is a skin disorder which has not been medically defined so far. Morgellons Disease  is a mysterious skin condition which causes non- curative sores and lesions that are accompanied with sensations of biting, crawling, creeping,and stinging over the skin or beneath it. The condition also results in disfigurement.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in USA is investigating to find out the medical causes and reasons of this inexplicable dermopathy.

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Morgellons disease came into the forefront and gained prominence when Mary Leitao (a lady from Pittsburg) described on her website,her son’s soresand the enigmatic thin filamentous material emerging from his skin. She received numerous responses from a large number of people who also had the same experience of similar symptoms. After the pressure exerted by the Morgellons Research Foundation, the Government was forced to conduct research on this skin disorder.The disease got its name from MaryLeitao. She got it from the observations of some French doctors who had also noted similar type of symptoms in children in the 17th century.

Symptoms of Morgellons disease

As the causes are medically unknown, the symptoms forMorgellons disease are not medically acceptable. The doctors call the symptoms as delusions and treat them as a part of psychiatric disorder. However the Morgellons Research Foundation has listed the symptoms of Morgellons disease which are discussed as under:

  • The lesions may appear at random and spontaneously on the skin. They may also be self-inflicted when patients engage in certain activities to alleviate the associated pain or intense itchiness across the skin. The spontaneously occurring lesions appear like hives or pimples without the whitehead, while the self-induced lesions may be linear or occur as skin damage because of skin ‘picking.’ The skin anomalies may be chronic and may continue for years. The lesions may turn into wounds and cause excessive pigmentationor may also form a gelatinous thick layer of cover.
  • The pain and musculoskeletal effects can be noticed in more than one ways. The pain can get disseminated over a large areasuch as the joints, tendons, muscles and connective tissues. Headaches and pain in vertebraeare a common experience in Morgellons disease. Patients may also experience the symptoms of premature deterioration of vertebrae including both the discs.
  • Most of the Morgellons disease patients experience acute fatigue and fulfill the Fukuda criteria of chronic fatigue syndrome that restricts the physical movements and put impediments in daily routine life. The patients of Morgellons disease have a regular increase in heart rates causing lowered cardiac output.
  • Morgellons disease hampers the process of logical thinking and also causes attention problems and short term memory deficits due to dysfunction and psychologically measurable cognitive deficits.
  • Patients suffering from Morgellons disease may experience intermittent sensations such as biting, moving, stinging, crawling etc. over the skin or beneath the skin surface. These sensations may be experienced on any part of the body. However these sensations are mostly felt in nasal passages, ear canals, the scalp, face, and on legs below the knees.
  • The patients of Morgellons disease have experienced and reported the presence of fiber-like thread filaments from the skin lesions.The fibers are microscopic, and hence a microscopeis required for clinically checking out the abnormal filamentous growths.It is also a fact that the fibers may display fluorescence created by ultraviolet light.Occasionally, the filaments may be seen leaning out from the skin that appearshealthy and non-cracked. The usually reported colors of these fiber filamentsinclude white, blue, red, and black. A few patients of Morgellons disease have reported to having experienced sand-shaped granules that are white or black in color. They may occur on or inside the skin, as well as on the apparels.
  • Morgellons disease can result in emotional deficits or changes. It badly affects the daily routine life of a person. The effects may be mild or severe. Emotional deficiencies can include absent or decreased boundary controls, as well as sporadic episodes of obsession-laden states
  • Morgellons disease may cause chronic and always altering vision anomalies, including frequent change of spectacles and changes in perception of visual field and light intensity.
  • Morgellons disease may cause neurological problems like peripheral neuropathy, abnormal reflexes, and abnormalities in brain control, respiratory system, circadian rhythm, etc.
  • Morgellons disease can cause intestinal and stomach disorders, change of bowel habit, gastro-esophageal reflux, swallowing problems, etc.


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  • The cause for Morgellons disease is medically unknown.
  • The symptoms of Morgellons disease are considered and treated as a delusional disorder which is called as delusional parasitosis.
  • The CDC and other research organizations are seriously conducting research studieson this subject.


  • Till now there is no known medical treatment.
  • Patients of Morgellons disease patients are diagnosed ashaving delusional parasitosis and accordingly treated.
  • Morgellons disease is treated on individual basis to control the symptoms present.

Morgellons Disease Pictures

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