Mosquito Bite on Eyelid

Mosquitoes belong to the family nematocerid; the culicidae. They are small midge-like flies that are mostly harmless. They can even be useful to humankind even though they are a nuisance as they consume human blood by biting you when you go to bed. The female mosquito consumes blood so as to get iron from your body which enables its eggs to mature. This species is called the anopheles mosquito.  In the tropical countries, it is a major cause of malaria. This disease is a near fatal condition when ypu are exposed at the first time. When you travel to such endemic places, you should get prophylactic medication so as to reduce the probability of getting this condition.

The life cycle of a mosquito

The life cycle of mosquitoes is divided into different stages. These stages include the eggs, larvae, pupa and adults. These kinds of insects like breeding in water flooded are so draining any stagnant water around your compound reduces their numbers significantly. The egg and larva stages can also be destroyed by application of some insecticides on stagnant water. Preventing the adult stage can be a real hassle and for this reason, you should arrest the early stages before they mature.

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A mosquito bite on the eyelid can result into many conditions such as rash or a painful eyelid. Sometime the bite may even be asymptomatic. Development of any symptom depends on the reaction that your immune system mounts. Episodes of symptoms after a bite may also vary even in the same individual.

There are both acute and chronic manifestations after you have been bitten. Acute symptoms develop immediately, for example, a swollen eyelid that is also painful in the morning after you have been bitten at night. Chronic symptoms may take some time before they develop, weeks or months. You should also note that mosquitoes bite mostly in the evening or night, sleeping under protective net may help you.

Conditions that can develop after a mosquito bite

A lot of health issue can result after you have been bitten. The development of any condition depends on both your immune system and the type of mosquito involved. In children, the most acute manifestation is getting a swelling of the eye. This swelling is due to an exaggerated reaction to the elements that the mosquito leaves behind after biting you. The eye becomes painful in most cases and a color change is noticed, turns red.

You may also feel the urge to scratch it further risking the possibility of an infection. This should not last for long and is not severe in most cases. Other people may not show any symptoms at all. In some few individuals, this may lead to a systemic body reaction and may result into a near fatal incidence due to the involvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. You may also notice increased body temperature.

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The conjunctiva is the part that lines your eyelid from the inside. Morphological changes are also observed in this part of your eye too. It becomes engorged, red and painful.  Your sense of sight may also be affected a little bit. This is because your eyelid may be hard to fully open. You may also experience excessive tear production. These manifestations should not raise any alarm as they subside spontaneously. If other symptoms develop, you should see your doctor as this may be the first sign to a major health problem such as anaphylaxis.

Eye problem after a mosquito bites on the eyelid

Some mosquitoes carry microorganisms on their body. When they land on your eye, they may end up depositing these organisms. Examples of organisms that can be carried include bacteria and mosquito eggs. In the case of bacterial infection, pus may collect at the site giving rise to an abscess. The infection may also spread to the eye causing trachomatis which is a major cause of blindness.

You may also transfer bacteria from other parts of your body as you scratch your eye leading to infection. In the case of mosquito eggs deposition, you may develop myasis. This is a condition where the deposited eggs access the internal tissues and develop to maggots. Pus can also collect around this area giving you an abscess. The maggots may also provoke an allergic reaction.

Can a mosquito bite on the eyelid cause a serious health problem?

In some parts of the tropical countries, a condition called malaria is transferred from one person to another by these insects. This is a serious health problem to such individuals and tourists too. If you plan to visit such areas you should see a doctor so that he can give you medication to protect you as you tour such places.

An infection my this malaria parasites leads to high fever, skin color change due to increased haemolysis or breakdown of your red blood cells and muscle and joint pains. If such condition develops after a mosquito biting episode you should visit you doctor or acquire anti-malarials so as to be eliminate the offending parasite.

How to deal with a mosquito bite on the eyelid

To deal with an inflamed eye after a bite, you can apply topical corticosteroids in the affected area. You can also use painkillers if the swelling is painful. You should also resist scratching the itchy inflamed area as this may lead to infection. Apply ice pack if you feel a burning sensation so as to generate a cooling effect. Also, remember to destroy the breeding areas so as to avoid future bites

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