My Eye Wont Stop Twitching!

It often happens with me that my eyes don’t stop twitching. I experience an involuntary  twitch either in the upper or the lower eyelid one time or another. The simplest cause is lack of sleep.

Other common causes include things like stress, eye fatigue, anxiety, allergies, nutritional imbalance and increase in the intake of caffeine and alcohol. These twitches are generally not very painful, but they tend to annoy at times. Generally an eye twitch comes and disappears but in some cases it may last even for weeks! The only possible way to deal with any eye twitch is to understand its cause and accordingly deal with it.

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When we are in a state of stress, our body tends to react in different ways. During such instances, eye twitching may indicate stress, especially when it is linked to vision problems like eye strain. Thus, rescuing the cause of eye stress you can control twitching of eye.


Tiredness is one of the main reasons why my eyes don’t stop twitching. This is because; lack of sleep directly triggers eyelid spasms. In this case, the only possible solution is catching up with your sleep and resting as much as you can.

Eye Fatigue

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When you work on computers for a long period of time, you tend to experience eye fatigue which cause twitching of eyes. Usually, if you take rest for sometime the twitching tends to stop. In addition to this, squinting also produces twitching of eye. If you happen to squint for a long period of time, the muscles around your eyes get fatigued and contract suddenly which in turn causes twitching. A lack of potassium also results in eye twitching.


People with allergies often tend to have swelling, itching and watery eyes. In such cases, when the eyes are rubbed histamine is released into the lid tissues and the tears. This is important because, histamine is capable of triggering eye twitching.

This can be treated with the help of antihistamine eye drops. However, care must be taken as antihistamine is capable of causing dry eyes. You can massage your eyelid gently with a warm towel as it will reduce twitching. In general, any sort of relaxation will give you a sigh of relief.

Alcohol and Caffeine

A lot of experts consider that an increase in the intake of alcohol and caffeine (coffee, tea, etc.) is one of the causes of twitching of eye. So it is advisable to limit it as much as you can. You should increase the intake of water as much as you can.

How to Control

Now, you must be wondering how to control this problem? Well, its simple. You can reduce twitching of eyes by specific exercises that tend to relax your eye muscles, putting thin slices of potato and cucumber on your eyes to relax them. You can also opt for a face steam using a couple of drops of eucalyptus in water. Steam your face for about 10-20 minutes by covering your head with a towel. You can also reduce the twitching of eyes by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables.

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