Neon green poop – What could be the reason?

Quite obvious, anyone who gets neon green poop would be shocked. Well, there are several reasons of anyone getting varied colored stool but whatever the case, colored poop is mostly harmless. However when you start getting colored poop very frequently then it is the time to see a doctor.


The main cause of neon green poop is the eating habit. The foods that you can expect to produce bright colored poop is the eatables containing green dye and green leafy vegetables. Sugary drinks, gum candies, popsicles etc. contain good amount of green dye and results in green colored poop. Also anybody who takes supplements such as wheatgrass which are rich in chlorophyll can also get stool of neon green color.

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Light green poop among people can also be because food passes through the digestive tract comparative quick. During the digestion process going on inside the body, pancreas release bile juices to break down the fat. When the bile travels through digestive tract, enzymes interact with it and change its color from green to brown. This entire process takes nearly 3 days and if it takes less than this duration then you are likely to get green color poop.

Certain medical conditions can be a reason of getting green color poop. The color of stool can change if the person is suffering from any stomach problem that causes quick digestion. These include E.coli and salmonella. Green poop can also be due to irritable bowel movement and in rarest of the rare case may indicate intestine cancer.

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Constipation is also one reason that people get green colored poop but this is rarely a reason. Neon green poop is mostly because of the amount of bile present in the poop. The color of poop is largely determined by what have you had recently in the meal.

Green poop in newborns and infants

Newborns and infants are most likely to get neon green poop. In fact this is very common among them and is not considered as a serious condition. Newborns discharge green colored poop and infants, till they are on breast feeding, also get poop of green color. However to assure that your baby is keeping well, you should see a doctor as in few cases it may also be an indication of baby not having sufficient nutrition in the body and in some cases it can be an indication for virus.

When to see a doctor

Green poop is not a serious condition unless accompanied by other symptoms or it lasts for long. However if there are other symptoms too like nausea, vomiting and cramps in abdomen, then you should see your doctor immediately. It is also possible that the person suffers from dehydration in which case the person should seek medical care.

It is inevitable to get medical help if you get blood in your green poop as it may be something serious that requires immediate medical attention.

Well, you need to understand that neon green poop is not something you need to worry about. Color change of the stool is common and has usually got nothing serious. Try changing the diet or medication if you think they can be the reason of your colored stool. If at all, you feel something serious, you should consult your doctor.

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