Pimple on Lip Line

Pimples, also known as zit or spot are as a result of excess oil trapped in the pores of the skin. A variety of pimples include pustules or papules. Pimples can grow in any part of the skin surface. However, they have a greater tendency to growing on facial skin. This is due to the high accumulation of oil in this area of the body. They are a harmless but very disturbing as they may lower your self-esteem significantly as they may draw a lot of attention in a bad way. Rarely do zits develop on the lip.

However, on the lip they are more uncomfortable as they present with a lot of pain. They may also get infected easily leading to development of fever and other infective manifestations. Infections easily occur owing to the great exposure that your face experiences.

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Since you use your lips more frequent than any other part of your face, for example in eating and drinking, pimples on your lip present more severely since you may irritate them every time you use you your lips. They normally do not reflect any serious illness but if they get ulcerated they may indicate infection by organisms causing more serious conditions such as herpes simplex viruses.

You should also not that these lesions are different from stomatitis. Stomatitis is a condition which presents with goose bump-like protuberances that occur on the corners of your mouth. A closer look at the corners of your mouth will reveal small raised white or colored bumps; these are sebaceous glands and should not be mistaken with pimples. They occur in all normal individuals and are not pathognomonic of any health condition. They may be however more prominent in some individuals. They should not raise any alarm as they disappear spontaneously. If they do not go away, you should learn how to reduce their prominence or how to adapt living with them.

Causes of pimple on lip

Cosmetics are the major cause. However, other causes such as excessive lipid content in your body are implicated in their development. Use of lower quality lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm is a frequent cause in ladies. The chemical ingredients of these lip products can penetrate the skin readily causing damage to the skin structures. Secondary bacterial infections cause the development of the papules and pustules on your lips.

Even high quality products may have ingredients that are normally harmless to most individuals. In few individuals who are hyperactive to these ingredients, they develop pimples among other manifestations on the skin. Products causing this condition are not confined to the lip category, other cosmetics such as face make-ups can cause irritation to the skin resulting in zits.

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High fat content in your body is a fertile soil for their development. A poor diet composed of mainly fat, one without the other components of macromolecules, should be avoided at all costs. Lipids rich diet will give you an oily face or skin. Oily skin is more prone to give you pimples that a normal or dry one. Fluoride is also a major cause in this condition. It is found in many products including toothpaste.

Fluoride can cause an adverse reaction with the skin of your lip causing pimple development. The effect of fluoride is enhanced in smokers than non-smokers. This is from the finding that smokers develop these spots more often than non-smokers. Cigarette smoking itself is a big risk factor.

Poor oral hygiene can also cause pimples. For example, failure to brush your teeth regularly leads to accumulation of oral bacteria that can result in pimples. Cleaning of your lips regularly ensures removal of exfoliating dead epidermal skin layer cells. These cells are highly implicated in pathogenesis and there removal therefore results in significantly lowered risk.

Most of these lip pimples are innocent ant should not raise any health alarm. You should also be able to differentiate them from stomatitis that develops especially on a dry mouth. Many cosmetic products may cause them. They may also be due to an allergic reaction on your skin and therefore avoidance of the triggers is important in the prevention of their development. Large pimples that are ulcerated however; should be taken serious as they may be the first manifestations of major illnesses in your body.

Treatment and prevention of pimples on lip line

In immune competent individuals this condition does not cause any health problems. They normally disappear on their own. However, in cases where they persist, you can use mechanisms that restore the normal architecture of your skin. Skin care involving your lips can be helpful in management of the development.

You should also not touch them or apply any pressure , you should not lick your lips as this can cause more irritation and do not use lip make up when you have pimples. You can also use ointment with salicylic acid to reduce the pain. Calamine lotion can also be helpful. You must not pop them up when they are not yellowish. You should also be gentle when popping them to avoid any injury to surrounding tissues.

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