Red spot on tongue

Presence of red spots on tongue could indicate weak immunity, malnutrition, auto immune or microbial infection. The tongue is pink or red in color under normal circumstances. It reflects wellness with your blood circulation and internal organs. Whenever there is alteration in appearance of tongue, it could indicate some infection, malnutrition, or some disease. The treatment of red spot on tongue would depend on the underlying cause. One has to keep into consideration that many things can cause the spots to appear on tongue. The red spots appear as small blood bumps.

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Causes of red spots on tongue

The color, moisture, and texture of your tongue communicate about the general health. If there are changes in the appearance of tongue such as the red dots, it could mean presence of some disease. Often, the dots can indicate inflammatory digestive system. Some common causes of red dots within your tongue are deficiency in vitamin B12, oral herpes, yeast infection such as oral thrush, scarlet fever, Kawasaki disease, and other conditions.

Kawasaki disease that affects the blood vessels in body is an autoimmune disorder and occurs mainly in children. This condition leads to formation of large spots on the tongue of a child. If the changes in tongue appearance are caused by scarlet fever, you will have dots, which tend to appear because of streptococcal infection. It is a contagious disease, which is also accompanied by formation of strawberry tongue.

People who suffer from digestive complications like acid reflux may also have red bumps on their tongue. This is caused by regurgitated liquid from stomach area. The liquid contain pepsins and acids. Some disorders of taste buds and skin could also contribute to the red spots. When there is excess irritation of tongue surfaces as a result of eczema, it can encourage the spreading of oral bacterial infections, which in turn contribute to red dots.

Allergic reactions arising from medications or food may also cause the red spots to form on tongue. People with asthma, an autoimmune condition, and which induces chronic inflammation of lungs show some red spots within the tongue. Cigarette smoking and excess consumption of alcohol could as well induce the red spots. Consuming hot and spicy food may also cause the red dots to form on your tongue.

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Other causes include taste bud disorder, excess body heat, physical trauma, and STDs. Too much of body heat, bleeding, and physical trauma could cause red spots on your tongue. In addition, painful bumps could indicate a condition known as canker sores and in rare cases, the red dots could mean oral cancer. When you have these spots, do not just jump into conclusions, try to consult your doctor.


In treating the red spots, you need to know what is causing them in the first place. Some causes may only require you to withdraw from causative agent such as taking hot spicy foods or foods that cause allergy reactions. Since the condition may be caused by many things, an effective treatment can be sought after examining what is causing the dots.

If the red dots are being caused by deficiency in vitamin B12, a patient may take in vitamin supplements and observe a healthy diet that is inclusive of more vitamins and iron foods. One may take foods such as nuts, red meat, shellfish, dried apricots, and other kind of foods that will step up the vitamin levels in body.

Probiotic foods such as yogurt could assist in fighting infections that are causing the red spots on your tongue. You may want to rinse the mouth using a saline solution and ensure you maintain a high level of oral hygiene.

Preventive measures

If you suspect bacterial infection as the causative agent for these spots, you can use salt water to hold it in mouth for a few minutes before spitting it. Use soft bristle toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth in order to avoid causing more harm to the bumps. Hard bristle brushes can worsen the condition.

Maintaining strong immune system will help in fighting causative agents or microorganisms thus bringing the condition down to normal. A throat spray may be used as well as chewing gums to assist in treating the small dots on tongue. The spray and chewing gums will assist in maintaining the pH level to the right amounts and enhancing the hygiene of the mouth.

Try to consult your doctor for possible examination to determine what could be causing the red spots. It may require the use of medication to treat the ailments that trigger the formation of bumps. Conditions like cancer sores, digestive disorders, and allergy would require medication. When you observe the preventive measures and get treatment of underlying causative agents, you can able to manage this condition and eliminate the red dots forming on your tongue.

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