Rotten teeth

Rotten teeth or teeth decay is a common ailment in present world. Diet including fast food, spices, chocolate etc. harms enamel of our teeth. Rotten teeth are a spot on ones persona and needs to be treated on time. We shall now discuss various factors which lead to rotten teeth, diagnosis and treatment procedures, its preventive measures and care.

Rotten teeth or teeth decay is caused due to presence of bacteria in our teeth. If we do not clean our teeth properly with floss or paste, bacteria stays behind on our teeth and in between the gums. These bacteria feed on food we eat, especially sugars. Once the bacteria feed on sugar, due to chemical reactions between the enzymes secreted and sugars, acid is released between our teeth. Our teeth are made up of calcium and as acid reacts with it, enamel of our teeth is damaged and plaque is formed. Due to this damaged caused by bacteria overtime, teeth decay starts and ultimately results in rotten teeth. If bacteria stays for prolonged period of time it results in tooth cavity. These rotten teeth look very ugly as they change color to black or grey due to disintegration of tooth enamel and the teeth itself. If a person has rotten teeth he smells very bad while speaking which is due to presence of acid giving bad odour. Rotten teeth could also lead to human death as infection passes to other parts of body through internal blood vessels of our teeth.

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Rotten teeth can be easily diagnosed by inspection. To check severity or depth of cavity dentist would perform X-ray of gums. In early stages of rotten teeth person will complain about tooth ache and bad breathe. Also patient would experience pain while eating or drinking something very cold. This is because of cavity which makes inner blood vessels easily accessible. If pain is not subsided over a period of 2-3days and bad smell still continues, one should immediately consult a dentist. Dentist will inspect your teeth and draw inferences from it. Color of teeth, size of teeth and intensity of pain and bad breathe helps dentist to identify criticality of situation. With the help of x-rays, dentist will identify depth of cavity in tooth and decide whether it could be take care by placing a cap or a root canal has to be confirmed. Once you are diagnosed with rotten teeth dentist will prescribe medicines along with one of dental procedures, if required.

Rotten Teeth – Treatment and Care

Treatment for rotten teeth depends upon situation and anatomical condition of tooth or teeth. If it is diagnosed in early stages and is a case of slight damage to enamel with no cavity formed, it can be treated with help of fluoride by prescribing fluoride based toothpaste. Scaling can also be prescribed to remove mild stains caused due to bacteria.  Mild cavity can be restored by filling it with specially made alloys called amalgam in a procedure called filling. Severe cases of rotten teeth require special treatment and care. It might require placing an artificial crown, a prosthetic cap, to cover the tooth. Further root canal or RCT has to be performed if the case is very severe which can be slightly painful. In worst case scenario, dentist will completely remove the tooth or couple if required. Removal of tooth is used as last resort in cases where it is impossible to retain original state of tooth. Once patient is treated with rotten teeth, he will have to take special care of dental hygiene. Also in order to make sure that this does not happen again in future, he will have to take preventive measures.

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Preventive measures

As we have seen how rotten teeth occur and different procedures involved in its treatment, it is advisable to take preventive measures to avoid any such situation. After all prevention is always said to be better than cure. Let us now list few preventive measures to avoid rotten teeth:

  • You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you positively brush your teeth daily before going to bed. This would prevent growth of bacteria and also remove any remains of food stuck in between our teeth.
  • Do not forget to floss your teeth once in a day.
  • Check your dietary habits for excess intake of sweet. Also take nutritional diet to stay healthy.
  • Refrain from excess smoking and chewing tobacco as it damages tooth enamel and leave black spots.
  • Make sure you visit your dentist at least once in couple of months for routine check-up.
  • One can also chew xylitol based gums as it temporarily hinder growth of tooth decaying bacteria.

As we are now aware of facts about rotten teeth we should always take preventive measures to maintain healthy dental hygiene and refrain from any such diseases. Happy smiling!

 Rotten Teeth Pictures

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