Stress Rash – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Stress is something that everyone suffers from these days due to increasing demands of professional and personal life. Stress can manifest itself in different ways one of such symptom is stress rash. Any alterations or influences inside our body can easily depict on skin. Apart from headache stress can also cause unpleasant rashes. Stress rashes are also sometimes referred to as urticaris or hives. The intensity of rashes would depend on the stressful circumstances. The reason why stress may have a relation with skin alteration is because it is said that excessive worry can affect the immune system making it weaker. Though the condition is called stress rashes it is may not always occur due to stress. These skin issues may also result out of allergic reaction to food or other allergens. Experts have also explained possibilities of stress associated with other disease like rashes such as herpes etc.

Symptoms of Stress rash

Stress rashes can appear on any region of the body but it is highly seen on the back, facial skin and arm. These rashes can be flat or elevated and appear reddish and itchy. Some sufferers may also experience burning sensation. These rashes may appear and ebb away faster within hours such as 8 to 12 hours. Sometimes the rashes may persist for longer time. In some situations the condition may have lasting symptoms experienced over course of 6 to 12 weeks. Stress rashes can also become chronic in 1 out of 10 cases. Both genders are prone to these rashes but it is widely seen in women. It can affect anyone irrespective of age but people between the age group of 30 to 50 years are more prone to the skin irregularity.

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Causes of stress rash

There are numerous studies that confirm the connection between intense stress and occurrence of rashes. A study conducted in Taiwan University in year 2005 concluded that stress can play a significant role in developing chronic kind of skin rashes. The experts conducted researches that found that people suffering from chronic skin rashes had over average level of stress during previous six months before being diagnosed with the skin condition. Another study conducted in 2012 in Turkey’s Hacettepe University indicated that around 24.7% chronic skin rash cases were resulted due to stress. The same figure was said to be 16% in another research conducted in Brazil in the year 2013. Stress rash was also associated with post traumatic stress. University of Plymouth discovered in 2010 that patients diagnosed with chronic skin rashes were at doubled risk of suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

Despite of several studies conducted on the subject no research can confirmedly explain why stress can cause physical symptoms such as rashes. Hypothetically stress rashes occur when the body produces excessive histamine as response to stressful circumstances. It is histamine which is assumed to produce symptoms such as itchy and reddish bumps.

Treatment for Stress Rash

Treatment of stress rashes is better obtained through a certified doctor. Using oral antihistamine can help in alleviating swelling caused due to increased level of histamine in blood. This improvement is noticed in short term. These antihistamines are available ‘over the counter’ but it is suggested to avoid taking it voluntarily and use only if approved by your doctor. Alternatively, you can also apply cold compresses on the area where rashes are present. Keep applying cold pad for around 10 to 15 minutes. This will provide relief from inflammation and itchiness.

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The exact biological cause of stress rashes is not yet confirmed. This is why most of the effective treatments are focused on low grade stress. It is also believed that rashes can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.  For example, two considerable options are regular exercise session and having a balanced diet. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as flaxseed and salmon can be helpful in reducing stress rash associated inflammation. Chronic skin rashes may also occur due to insomnia.  Therefore altering your sleeping habits to have sound sleep can be beneficial for dealing with stress rash.

Prevention of stress rash

Stress rashes can be easily prevented by avoiding or reducing stress significantly. There are various ways to reduce stress. Identify the factor that causes stress. For example if professional pressure is causing stressful circumstances, then try to deal with the condition. Alternative treatments or home remedies may also help in alleviating low grade rashes. Yasmine or Jasmine tea is said to be a beneficial remedy for soothing inflammation. Since controlling stress can help in alleviating these rashes you can also use effective yoga techniques suggested for relieving stress. There are also tropical solutions such as antihistamine creams which can be applied on the affected skin directly. Though there are other alternative solutions it is suggested to consult a doctor if you are affected with stress rashes.

Stress Rash Pictures

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