Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the body of mammals, reptiles, birds etc. In Mammals, testosterone is mainly responsible for sexual drive besides other functions like metabolism, immunity etc. Testosterone is a male hormone and is responsible for the level of masculinity in males in terms of their voice, body hair, muscles and bone mass etc. Though, some level of this hormone is also present in females, it is very low as compared to males. Earlier it was not considered important enough for females but many studies have shown that low levels of this hormone in females may lead to some serious problems.

Testosterone’s level and its effects- Males V/S Females

  • In adult males, level of testosterone is 8-10 times higher than in adult females.
  • Daily Production of testosterone is much higher in males. It is 18-20 times of that in females.
  • Testosterone level in males and females increases on sexual arousal. Females with low libido can be administered with testosterone to improve the sexual desire. Though there are no such medicines made for women, yet. It has not been approved by FDA.
  • According to an experiment conducted on a group of males, It was found that males who were artificially given extra Testosterone tend to be selfish.

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Importance of Testosterone in Women

In Women, testosterone is produced in ovaries as well as in adrenal glands. This sex-hormone which is mainly considered as male-hormone is very important for female body as well. Though the amount is very low but the role is big. Following are the major roles of testosterone in female body –

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  • It helps in building a toned body with balanced muscle and bone mass.
  • It contributes to increased sex-drive and better health.
  • Testosterone prevents osteoporosis. Older women, who have had their menopause, have lower levels of testosterone and hence are more vulnerable to fractures.
  • It prevents depression and put a woman in a light and cheerful mood.
  • It is responsible for supple skin, voluptuous figure and increased energy level in women.

Causes of Low Testosterone in women

  • A women has 50% of Testosterone in her middle age(i.e. around 40-45) than what she had in her twenties. After menopause the level destroys much more. In case of hysterectomy, the body produce very small amount of testosterone only adrenal glands. The major causes are-
  • Ageing- With time the female body produces less testosterone.
  • The Surgical removal of ovaries(called Hysterectomy).
  • Ovarian Failure due to some disease like cancer.
  • The loss or decline in menstruation flow in early age of 35-40 may lead to lower hormone production.
  • Over Production of Pituitary Hormone(called hyperprolactinaemia) or under production of pituitary hormone( called Hypoprolactinaemia).

Effects of Low Testosterone Levels in Women

Earlier, testosterone was thought to have little or no significance in female body but recent studies have shown that the small amount of this hormone plays a big role in keeping the female health intact. Apart from the worst case scenarios of Alzheimer’s and severe depressions, following are some commonly scene effects-

  • Low sex drive
  • Depression, fatigue and low energy levels.
  • Early Ageing of skin.
  • Loss of bone and muscles mass.

FDA has not approved for an artificial testosterone supplement for women but if ever this will be possible then many old age female issues can be resolved. Common Problems of low sex drives and low emotional rate can be easily cured with proper artificial dosage of this androgen.

Diagnosis of low testosterone in females

It is hard to diagnose Testosterone level in females as it is present in small quantity. No specific test is available to test the level testosterone. Blood test can be done but it does not give the clear idea of how much is present in the body cells. Only blood testosterone level can be determined through blood test. One more difficulty is that the level varies in a woman’s body depending on the menstrual cycle and the usual hormone fluctuations in the body.

The only way to give closest idea is to take blood in the morning when the testosterone levels are maximum. For Woman in reproductive age, test should be done 15-20 after the menstruation.

There have been no supplements prepared to overcome testosterone deficiency. For women optimum levels can only be given as even a little extra may cause problems. Masculine traits like- facial hair, heavy voice etc. may appear as a result of extra dosage.

There is a Testosterone Replacement Therapy done at some places like Australia but it has been majorly criticized for the side-effects. Women in following situations must never opt for Testosterone supplements-

  • Pregnant women or the one who is planning to conceive soon.
  • Sexually active women. If a woman who is still unknown about her pregnancy and is administering testosterone then she must go for abortion as soon as she gets to know about her pregnancy. Such babies are born with serious abnormalities.
  • Those who suffer from hair loss.
  • Those who have steroid dependent cancer.
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