Syringomas are described as harmless sweat duct tumors which are usually seen in clusters around eyes or on the eyelids. However, such cluster of boils may also occur on armpits, navel or vulva in females. Though the condition may seem to be serious it is actually benign. This condition is often caused due to eccrine glands or overactive sweating. These boils are yellowish or skin-colored bumps which may have diameter measuring from 1 to 3 mm. This skin manifestation may often be mistaken with xanthelasma. Most people may also consider it to be acne but these are actually tumor caused due to eccrine gland.

These are commonly found on upper cheek right below the eye, on the eyelid or around the eyes. This condition may run in families and is also found in people suffering from Down syndrome.  It is recorded that around 18% individuals with Down syndrome also had syringomas. There are around 4 different types of syringomas recorded.

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Symptoms of syringomas

Syringomas itself is a sign and usually does not have any other symptoms associated with it. These are often skin colored bumps or papules which appears mostly on the facial skin. These papules occur on the upper cheek region, around eyes and on the eyelid. Relevant tumors may also develop on external genitals, forehead, chest, armpit etc. Papules may be either cystic or clear, appearing round and may measure up to 3 mm in diameter. It is believed that these spots may grow as symmetric clusters appearing mostly on both the sides of the body. There are eruptive syringomas which may appear as hyper pigmented papules. These blisters may cause no pain or itching.

Causes of Syringomas

The exact cause of the condition is not completely understood. There are some individuals who are more prone to syringomas then others. This may indicate that the condition may have a genetic trigger such as some kind of genetic predisposition. However, some other theoretically accepted causes of syringomas include:

  • Overactive eccrine gland which is the sweat gland
  • Puberty along with hormonal imbalance
  • Underlying medical issues such as Down’s syndrome, diabetes mellitus, Ehler Danlos syndrome, etc
  • Certain sects such as Asian or African groups who are considered vulnerable to these tumors
  • Females are at increased risk of suffering from syringomas than men

Syringomas Home remedy

There are several treatment procedures for treating syringomas but they may induce scaring or other complications. This is why people look for natural home remedies to reduce or eradicate these blister-like tumors. It is suggested to try these remedies before one may resort to other intense treatments.

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  • One of the highly adopted and effective ways to get rid of these blisters is by rubbing fresh slices of potatoes, tomatoes or lemon. This will also reduce dark patches on skin
  • Aloe vera gel can be rubbed on the affected skin region or even all-over to reduce scars and promote healing
  • Syringomas bumps can be treated by applying apple cider vinegar directly on the affected region. You can also make a solution of glycerin and lemon which can be applied on the affected skin. This serves as an alternative to apple cider vinegar.
  • You can mix pure sandalwood paste, rose water and milk to be applied as face-pack and rinse it. This would remove any scarring of face caused due to invasive procedures for syringomas
  • Ensure to maintain moisture of your skin by gently massaging affected area with almond oil

Remember that these remedies do not provide instant results. Effects can be seen after using it regularly for at least one to two months. These techniques can also be adopted after obtaining invasive treatment for eradication of syringomas.

Treatment for syringomas

Syringomas is a benign condition which is why it does not necessarily need a treatment. Since, it may appear on face and other visible regions, it may become a cosmetic concern for which treatment may be required. If you suspect prevalence of this condition then consult your doctor or dermatologist. Ensure that there is no underlying medical reason behind occurrence of these blisters; if positive, then relative treatment may be needed.

One of the suggested treatments for this condition includes excision method wherein the expert will cut and eradicate every tumor individually one by one. This procedure can be time consuming and moreover anesthesia may be used as it can also be painful.

Electrodessication and curettage is another way to deal with these blisters. In this procedure the dermatologist will scrape the boils and burn the bumps through electric current. In another treatment called Dermabrasion a diamond tipped tool is used to scrape smoothen the skin surface until it has become even. This is a milder alternative to electrodessication and curettage technique. One of the most effective treatments is laser technique in which a CO2 laser is utilized to destroy and eliminate cells. Based on the condition and preference you can discuss with your doctor about suitable treatment for syringomas.

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