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What do I do for Sour Burps?

Also called acid reflux, sour burps is a widespread gastrointestinal condition. It often affects older people over the age of 40 years. The most common associated symptom is heartburn, but the condition may also occur without any expected symptoms. Sour burps may sometimes be the symptom of or the cause of other underlying health problems. […]

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Rotten Egg Burps

Burps are the outcome of excess air present in stomach. The smell of burp usually depends on the food that we ate last and the smell can be of rotten eggs as well. This can be embarrassing particularly when we are in public place. Rotten egg burps, also known as sulfur burps, are the ones […]

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What causes Sulfur Burps ?

Burp, as we all know, is secondary way of expelling surplus gas through mouth. Sulfur burp is a similar phenomenon except that it has a distinct unpleasant smell of sulfur which is why it is named as Sulfur burp. The smell may seem similar to the smell of a rotten egg. Though the condition is […]

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