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Bleeding During Ovulation

Ovulation bleeding is mid cycle bleeding which occurs around the mid of menstrual cycles and coincides with time of ovulation. It is also known as spotting during ovulation. Ovulation may be termed as the release of an egg from ovary. The egg is released and moves through the fallopian tube and makes it way to […]

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Black Period Blood – What does it mean?

Menstrual cycle is undoubtedly the most inevitable yet the least desirable natural phenomena of female body. Although most of the women are not really aware of its repercussions, any change in the cycle is related to mental as well as physical changes in the body. Drastic changes also make a lot of women panic such […]

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Clumpy white discharge

The vagina is one of the most important parts of the female body as it acts as a passage between the external body and the inner reproductive organs. The vagina’s ph balance is also important in preventing vaginal infections because of its acidic properties created by naturally present bacteria. Usually, a healthy vagina secretion is […]

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