Tingling in Right Arm and Hand

Tingling refers to the abnormal sensations that can occur in any part of the body but mainly occurs in hands, fingers, legs and arms. Usually tingling or numbness in the right arm is not due to any specific condition so people tend to confuse when it comes to analyzing its cause.


There are a number of causes of tingling in right arm, some of which include:

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  • Blood circulation drops: Sitting or standing in the same position for  a long duration causes circulation to drop which is a common cause of limbs getting numb. Also people who keep their hand at rest for long time may experience tingling.
  • Malnutrition: A body short of nutrition such as sodium, potassium, calcium and vitamin B12 can also experience right hand tingling. There are few medications which interfere with the blood circulation and these may cause tingling as well. Excess consumption of alcohol and tobacco damages nerves in the right arm which results in tingling.
  • Injury: Right hand tingling is also associated with injury in the right hand that interferes with circulation. These conditions mainly include frostbite, atherosclerosis, tweaked nerve in the back, herniated disk, animal bites, infections or scar tissues in the right hand. These conditions lead to sensations in the right hand and ultimately results in tingling.
  • Singles virus: It is important to check for the symptoms of the diseases that are caused by shingles virus and herpes zoster as these also cause numbness or tingling in the hand. The condition can be limited to one side of the body or may reach out to rest of the body resulting in heart problems.
  • Toxins: There are certain toxins which cause tingling or numbness in the arm. Toxins present in seafood, radiation therapy, insects including ticks, mites and spiders cause right arm to tingle. Insect bites cause tingling when the bite reaches the flesh.
  • Medical conditions: Long term medical conditions particularly associated with the right hand are the common cause of right hand tingling. Multiple sclerosis, seizures, migraines, diabetes and underactive thyroid glands cause symptoms of numbness in the right hand.

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Treatment for Right Arm Tingling

From home remedies to medical treatment, there are a number of ways to treat right hand tingling. Following are some of the remedies you can take up at home to get rid of right hand tingling:

  • Stretching or exercise involving the right arm is an easy way to get rid of numbness and tingling in the arm. If tingling occurs frequently then add exercise in your daily schedule.
  • Right arm tingling is often related to neck and back issues so if there’s some problem in back or neck, get it cured at the earliest. If there’s an inflammation in neck or back take anti-inflammatory medicine and apply warm compresses.
  • Take less work from the right hand, wrap it if required and give it a proper rest for quick healing.
  • People who develop right arm numbness or tingling due to low blood sugar or malnutrition should refer a dietician and take proper nutritious diet. Supplements can also be taken to remove deficiency of vitamin B12 and calcium.

Following are some of the medical means to treat right hand tingling:

  • If tingling in right arm is accompanied with conditions such as pain in hand, neck, fingers, dizziness and too much urination then it might be a serious condition and immediate medical attention is required.
  • In conditions when numbness is accompanied by unconsciousness, difficulty moving, inaudible speech, problem in vision, weakness and paralysis, patients should contact a physician immediately.
  • If you have a history of injury caused to back, head or neck and you have developed tingling as its side effect, you should reach out to the doctor who treated that injury.
  • Also if the numbness or tingling doesn’t go away in few days then it might be something serious and should be taken to a doctor.
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