White Spots in the Back of Throat

White spots in throat can be a symptom of many abnormal conditions. Some of the most common causes of white spots in throat are discussed below:

  • Candidiasis It is one of the most common causes of white spots in throat. Candidiasis is a kind of fungal or yeast infection that affects different areas of the mouth. In most cases, the condition tends to occur on the tongue or the palate. It is however also possible for the infection to migrate to the throat, thereby resulting in formation of white spots in throat.Candidiasis is an opportunistic type of fungal infection, and hence its spread to the throat is comparatively uncommon. Such infection of the throat primarily occurs in individuals with a compromised or impaired immune system. In addition to white spots in throat, patients may also experience other symptoms such as problems in the intake of spicy food, burning sensations in the throat, pain in throat, etc.
  • Tonsilolith: Also known as tonsil stone, tonsilolith is a disorder characterized by the appearance of calcium deposits on the surface of tonsils, which in turn lead to formation of white spots in throat. The stones may be big or small in size. It is also possible for the tonsil stones to grow so large as to cause difficulties in swallowing or speaking. The accompanying white spots in throat are normally noticed in the tonsils crypts.
  • Herpes:White spots in throat can also be caused due to herpes which is a type of viral infection that affects the different mucous membranes in the body. Herpes typically occurs in the genitalia and the oral cavity. Herpes of the throat is usually caused as an extension of oral herpes. It often affects people who have engaged in oral sex with partners affected by oral or genitalherpes.People with a weakened immune system are at a greater risk to the spread of oral herpes to the throat. In addition to white spots in throat, the area may also develop tiny whitish blisters that later rupture and leave behind painful marks and scars. Individuals affected by herpes infection of the throat are also likely to suffer from a variety of systemic symptoms such as generalized illness, fever, burning sensations in the throat, difficulties in swallowing and eating food, and in rare instances problems in breathing.
  • Mononucleosis:It is a disease that results in elevated fatigue which can persist for many weeks. Also, in addition to white spots in throat, patients may suffer from varied symptoms such as body aches, fever, appetite loss, sore throat, enlargement of the spleen, and sometimes syncope.The condition and its varied symptoms tend to progress slowly; however, the most distinctive feature is excessive tiredness.
  • Tonsillitis:It is an abnormal condition characterized by swollen or inflamed tonsils. The tonsils may be of a different color than the throat and white spots in throat may also develop. Additional symptoms which may be experienced by patients include fever, increased weakness, headache, and long lasting discomfort when swallowing or consuming food. Patients will face difficulties in swallowing even when they restrict the diet to just liquid foods.
  • Strep Throat:It is a bacterial infection of the throat identified by white spots in throat, inflamed tonsils, and pain in throat. Severe instances of strep throat may also cause formation of pus in throat. Additional symptoms include headache, fever, inexplicable fatigue, persistent vomiting, and inflammation or swelling of the lymph nodes occurring in the neck.
  • Leukoplakia:It is known as a primordial stage which can later progress into cancer. It is caused due to chewing tobacco or smoking. White spots in throat, mostly at the back of the throat, may be observed in patients. A whitish substance may also line the cheeks and tongue.
  • Oral Thrush:It is a type of oral yeast infection which causes white patches on the tongue and inside the mouth. Severe cases of oral thrush can migrate to the throat and even the esophagus, leading to white spots in throat. Additional symptoms include jagged corners of the mouth, impairment of the gustatory sensation, and pain in throat.

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Treatment of white spots in throat

Treatment of the causal conditions can help eliminate white spots in throat.

  • As per the severity of the underlying condition, white spots in throat caused by candidiasis can be treated with topical or oral antifungal medications.
  • Tonsil stones can be removed by different natural procedures or via surgery.
  • Strep throat can be cured with prescription antibiotics.
  • Herpes cannot be cured. However, the different symptoms including white spots in throat can be controlled with antiviral medications.
  • Tonsillitis can be treated with antibiotics. Severe or recurrent cases may require surgery.
  • White spots in throat usually disappear after relevant bed rest for curing mononucleosis. Bed rest allows the spleen to regain its normal size. Other accompanying symptoms are treated with medications including ibuprofen for reducing body temperature.
  • Antifungals are prescribed to treat oral thrush and eliminate white spots in throat. It is important for patients to complete the entire course of drug therapy, else they may experience a relapse. 
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