15 weeks pregnant

At 15 weeks pregnant, the expecting woman will look and feel truly pregnant because the baby bump has become more obvious. Many of the pregnancy symptoms have become less severe but new symptoms may arise. Week 15 is going to be an exciting week for the parents because they can already learn about the gender of their child. On the other hand, the woman’s immunity tends to weaken this time around making her more vulnerable to infection, hence, she should be careful about this.

Week 15 is also a thrilling time for the baby. Its internal organs are rapidly developing and getting more efficient. The baby is also experimenting with its new found senses, making some movements and even reacting to outside stimuli. Still, risks will always be present even at 15 weeks pregnant, so expecting moms should be extra cautious.

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Physical Changes on Week 15

A 15 weeks pregnant, the woman could have gained around 7 pounds. She now has a much bigger uterus that is around 3 or 4 inches below her belly button. The unsightly and unlikely harmful varicose veins are visible as well. Raging hormones have resulted to a number of skin problems, such as pimples and skin pigmentation. She may likewise notice her nipples darkening as well as the appearance of a dark line running vertically at the center of her abdomen. Skin pigmentation is more visible among brown or dark skinned women.

Infectious diseases are some of the biggest threats pregnant women should be careful about on week 15. A woman’s immunity tends to weaken during pregnancy which makes it easier for dangerous microorganisms to flourish and survive. Some of the infectious diseases to watch out for are:

  • UTI

There are two things that could cause urinary tract infection (UTI). The first is bacterial buildup in the urinary bladder caused by compression of uterus. A compressed uterus slows down the flow of urine to the bladder and once the urine stays longer in the bladder, the bacteria multiply and flourish. UTI may also occur due to increased levels of progesterone. This hormone causes the urethra muscles to relax, allowing urine to stay much longer in the urinary bladder.

  • Vaginitis

This is an infection that causes the vagina to become inflamed, itchy, painful and oozing. There are several reasons why this happens and it requires immediate medical intervention because it could lead to premature birth.

  • Cystitis

This is a condition wherein the urinary bladder becomes inflamed. The inflammation can be caused by bacteria, irritants, certain drugs and complication of other diseases. This must also be treated promptly so as to prevent it from becoming serious.

Symptoms on Week 15 of pregnancy

Unpleasant first trimester pregnancy symptoms may still exist but they may have become less severe. Heartburn, gas, indigestion, bloating, fatigue and occasional headaches are still normal as they are often due to high hormonal levels. However, there are some noteworthy symptoms to watch out for in week 15, and these are:

  • Stuffy nose

This is pretty normal at 15 weeks pregnant because of the swollen mucus membranes attributed to environmental allergies or hormones. In some cases, stuffy nose is accompanied by nose bleeding which is primarily due to increased blood flow all over the body.

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  • Too much salivation

Excessive salivation usually occurs when a woman is nauseous which is usually caused by hormones. It can be annoying but totally harmless and usually clears up on its own in several weeks.

  • Increased libido

Heightened sexual drive on week 15 is due to increased blood circulation on the vaginal area, making it more sensitive. Raging hormones also contribute to increased libido which causes the breast to be more sensitive.

  • Lower abdominal pain

This pain is described as sharp and sudden that may radiate to the groin area. Lower abdominal pain is usually caused by stretched round ligaments as a result of the growing uterus. The pain is more pronounced when making quick movements.

A 15 weeks pregnant woman may also notice that her gums have gotten more sensitive and are often swollen partly because of pregnancy hormones. She may also complain of occasional dizziness.

Fetal Development on Week 15

The baby during the 15th week of pregnancy is approximately 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 to 3.5 ounces – just as the size of an orange. Its arms are becoming proportional to the legs. Fine hair is starting to grow on the body, although head hair hasn’t grown yet. However, scalp patterns are developing on its head. The muscles, as well as the skeletal system, are beginning to develop as the bones get stronger. The baby can now move its feet, legs, hands, wrists, arms, head and mouth while the heart is getting more functional.

At 15 weeks pregnant, expecting moms should continue to eat right to address the increasing nutritional needs of the baby. She should avoid over the counter medications and consult her OB-GYNE in case of discomforts or illnesses for proper guidance.

15 weeks pregnant pictures

Here is how the 15 weeks pregnant belly looks like. Also check out the ultrasound image of the fetal development.

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