Burning Anus – What Should I do?

A burning and itching anus is a symptom that could be linked with different aspects or causes. Anal itching may arise from skin irritation at the rectal area. The stool that is left in the anal opening and around as well as certain types of foods could cause the rectal area to itch and burn. Spicy foods, citrus fruits, and coffee might also cause rectal itching when consumed. Things like fragrances in soap, toilet paper, and bubble bath could also cause irritation within the rectal area, which causes burning.

The anal area should only be washed with water and not soaps or other kind of detergents. The feeling of hot coals, sharp pain, itching, bleeding, and burning during and after bowel movements is something that people tend to shy away from discussing with their doctor, yet these are very common conditions.

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Causes of burning anus

Hemorrhoids are a common condition that will cause a burning sensation within the anal area. Hemorrhoids are veins within the rectal area and everyone has them, and when they become inflamed or engorged, they are called piles or hemorrhoids. The flare ups may be caused by straining, constipations, and frequent loose stools.

Besides, pregnancy may also lead to hemorrhoids because of the pressure arising from enlarging uterus as well as increasing pelvic blood flow. When hemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal, they are termed as internal hemorrhoids and are usually accompanied by painless bleeds. The external hemorrhoids that extend to the opening of the anus cause pain. Both of these forms of hemorrhoids can have thrombosed veins, which result to excruciatingly painful lumps of tissue.

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Anal fissures arise from constipation and spasm of anal sphincter. These fissures are actually a tear in the anus lining. Large non healing fissures may be seen in people with crohn’s disease. The signs of anal fissures include blood in toilet paper or stool and pain or burning sensation during and after passing stool.

The fissures can respond well to sitz baths or warm soaks, increasing the fiber amount you take, and amount of water in diet, as well as using stool softeners. Lubricating toilet tissue paper with petroleum jelly may also help.

Another cause of burning anal area is proctalgia fugax, which manifests as deep pain within the rectum, which feels like a severe muscle cramp. This is mostly felt at night and after an intercourse. There is no known cause for the proctalgia fugax although the thickening of the muscle is witnessed in most of the people who suffer from this condition. The internal anal sphincter muscles may thicken causing the muscle cramp. A person will feel the urge to defecate even when the rectum is empty.

Other conditions that can cause burning sensation in the anal area are abscess, fungal infection, fistula, anal cancer, muscle spasm, tumor, skin problem, and rectal STD like herpes, Chlamydia or gonorrhea. If you have the burning sensation or pain around the anal area, it is important you consult your doctor. It could indicate gastrointestinal complication that needs to be treated.

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