Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

Dogs that have big floppy ears are usually affected by dog ear infection. Big ears usually make the ear moist as there is not good circulation of air. This gives way to microorganism which further leads to dog ear infection and due to large ears ear mites also get a place to hide and grow. Dog ear infection is caused due to food allergy, growth of fungus, bacterial infection, no proper hygiene, an unhealthy environment or due to ear mite infestation.

There are 3 kinds of dog ear infection. They are as follows:

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  • Outer ear infection: It can be treated very easily and can be identified by swelling or bad odor of the waxy discharge.
  • Middle ear infection and
  • Inner ear infection: To treat the ear infection in the middle and inner area, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Dog ear infection can be prevented if good care is taken at home like keeping the dog’s ears clean and if any infection is detected then taking immediate steps i.e. home remedies to cure it.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

Home remedies bring relief and also help in preventing the infection from spreading further. Some of the dog ear infection remedies are as follows:

  • Grinded Garlic: Few cloves of garlic can be grinded in olive oil and then let the mixture be for 2 weeks. Later let it be strained and this mixture of warm oil has to be put in dog’s ear. At least two to three drops have to be put daily to fully treat the dog ear infection. This dog ear infection remedy is very helpful if the dog is vulnerable to persistent and recurrent infections.
  • Herbal ear infection remedy: Neem oil is famous for its anti microbial action. It can be used as a neem oil cleaner, and is a good dog ear infection remedy. The procedure to prepare a neem oil cleaner is as follows:
  1. One oz neem oil and olive oil
  2. One teaspoon tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil.

This neem oil has to be put in the dog’s ear. At least ten to twenty drops have to put and then massage the base of the ear so as to spread the oil. It soothes the swelling and helps in reducing the infection. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil works as an antiviral and anti bacterial agent and is useful as a dog ear infection remedy.

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  • Vinegar: 1 part of vinegar mixed with 2 parts of water can be applied and if it is warmed it brings relief to the dog. Apply at least 2 to 4 times in seven days. One has to apply it with a soft cloth or from a spray bottle as well. One should avoid cleaning very deep inside the ear as it may injure the dog’s ears or may worsen the condition.
  • Warm compress: When a warm wringed towel is used on the infected area it brings relief to the dog from pain. Use the warm moist towel on the outside of the ear and press very tenderly. It has to be held for at least thirty seconds.
  • Dog ear infection cleaning solution: For home treatment, the 1st thing for dog ear infection home remedy is to clean the ear of the dog. This can be done with a soft tissue or cotton. It has to be dipped in a cleaning solution and then applied on dog’s ear. One can use OTC cleaning solution or make a cleaning solution at home. For the mixture of cleaning solution one has to take 1 part of apple cider vinegar, water and hydrogen peroxide. The ear should be filled with the cleaning solution by rubbing below the ear. Then the dog has to shake his head after which the infected area has to be cleaned. The hair within the ear has to be cut so that it helps in curbing the growth of bacteria inside the ear.
  • Dog ear yeast infection remedy:  If the dog has yeast infection then a yogurt packet which states that it has active strain of probiotic bacteria has to be applied in little quantity on the ear. This yogurt has to be an organic, natural and probiotic yogurt. It should be rubbed well and is very effective in fighting the yeast infection.
  • Dog ear mites’ infection: When mites cause infection then the best dog ear infection home remedy is to clear the ear mites by using a common flea powder or special herbal flea powder. After bathing the dog this powder has to be sprinkled on the dog as some mites may cling on the body of the dog.
  • Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E oil is good for calming the swelling of the tissues of the dog’s ear and also it helps in relieving pain. After applying 2 to 3 drops of vitamin E oil in the ear it has to be massaged tenderly for at least ten seconds.
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