Dry Skin around Eyes

The skin around eyes is delicate and certain factors can make it dry, irritated and flaky. The condition can be mild or serious depending upon the causing factor. Dryness around the eyes is not a condition that should be much worried about as there are many treatments which provide quick relief. Dry skin around eyes can easily be identified with the red, flaky skin around eyes that may also cause irritation and itching.

Conditions causing dry skin around eyes

There are a number of factors that cause dry skin around eyes such as allergic reactions, irregular sleep patterns, malnutrition, illness, cosmetics and few more.

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  • Environmental factors such as low humidity, pollens and hot weather are the most common factors that cause dry skin around eyes.
  • One who bathes in hot water often is most likely to dry out skin and develop irritation thereby causing dryness of skin around eyes.
  • It is commonly seen that in order to hide dark circles around eyes, women tend to put lot of make up in the area around eyes which may also cause dry skin. Using eye makeup such as eyeliner and eye concealers frequently makes the skin dry. On the top of that if you use make up brushes, bacteria get accumulated and applying dry brushes transfer them to the skin thereby causing dryness. Facial cleansers are harsh to the skin and cause irritation and dryness of the skin.
  • Medical conditions such as facial psoriasis occur in the areas around eyes particularly eyebrows. Psoriasis causes dryness of skin. Scales and flakes are developed on the lashes in psoriasis. Eczema is a skin condition associated with itchy, red and inflamed patches on the skin and can occur anywhere in the body. Seborrheic dermatitis is another condition that may cause scaly red rash anywhere on the body mostly due to oily skin. Blepharitis causes inflammation, itching and flakes in the eyelids area because of the malfunctioning of oil glands.

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As mentioned earlier, dry skin around eyes is not an emergency but it can become chronic if left untreated. Hence knowing treatment is necessary so that you can get rid of it as soon as you develop its symptoms.

  • Keep yourself hydrated always. As you wake up, spray fresh purified water on your face and specifically to the skin surrounding eyes. Doing so will keep your skin hydrated always. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as dehydration impact the skin greatly.
  • Keep the skin around your eyes moisturized always. Choose the moisturizer carefully as not every moisturizer will choose your skin type. Apply it on the skin around eyes gently several times a day. Good moisturizers are the one that contain ingredients such as honey, buttermilk, sweet almond oil, egg yolk, olive oil etc.
  • Avoid everything that causes dry skin around eyes such as exposure to sun, prolonged hot water bathing, eye makeup, staying in swimming pool etc.
  • If eczema is the reason for dry skin around skin then take probiotics as it will increase the production of good bacteria to fight against bad bacteria. In such a condition you should take diet containing kimchi, cottage cheese, miso and kefir.
  • If you are suffering from blepharitis then apply warm compresses on eyelids and have anti-inflammatory diet.
  • If the dry skin around eyes is caused due to sun burn then it is much obvious that you should avoid exposure to sun rays particularly when they are hottest during the day and otherwise wear glasses and apply sunscreen.
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