Ear Cartilage Pain

Ear cartilage pain can occur due to several reasons. Sometimes people suffer from this when they get hurt or meet with an accident. Ear cartilage pain can occur on a single ear or even both ears depending on the cause of it. The person who undergoes this pain will mostly feel his outer ear aching as it is the outer ear that consists of cartilage, tissues and blood vessels. Most of the sounds that we hear enter the ear drum through the outer ear. Now let us see some of the most common disorders and situations due to which ear cartilage pain occurs.

Generic Causes

The periphery ear suffers pain due to a number of reasons. Here are some major causes which exposes the ear cartilage to pain. Take a careful look at them.

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  1. Perichondritis

This is a type of ear infection that occurs on the exterior cartilage and is mostly developed when the ear goes through a surgery or trauma. Anyone with this condition should get it treated immediately as it might infect cartilage further and will result in serious complications.


  1. Red outer ear is one of the most common symptoms of this condition.
  2. The outer ear starts paining and becomes tender overtime.
  3. Sometimes you may develop fever or ooze pus or other fluids out of the ear.


In most of the cases people administer antibiotics. However, if your ear is filled with pus or any other form of liquid, your doctor might prescribe you to get an adequate surgery done to get rid of this condition.

2. Cold and Cough:

This is an infection that most of the times results in ear pain and it is also one of the generic causes for ear cartilage pain. It is due to this that most of the times when you have cold or cough, your hearing capabilities are severed and this happens because your outer ear consists of sound receptors and they are infected too.

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  1. Severe cold and fever is the basic symptom to identify this condition.
  2. You might even have a feel of your ears getting blocked or choked.
  3. Tiredness and a runny nose are among other symptoms.


Often it gets cured within a period of 2 days or a week may be. If the pain continues to dwell for a long time, see a doctor and get some medication such as antibiotics written. This might help you recover quickly.

3. Weather conditions

Weather is one of the prime factors and causes for ear aches. You may feel pain in your ear cartilage whenever cool breeze goes past you or gently touches your ears. Hot sun burns on the outer ear also cause ear pain.


  1. Swollen ears that inflict pain and restlessness.
  2. Burning sensation and warmness within the ears.
  3. Sleeping difficulty also indicates to ear ache caused by weather conditions.


The treatment also depends on the type of weather that you are exposed to. You need to apply ice to the affected area if you’re exposed to sun too much and have burns on the outer ear or take the help of a suitable doctor to get it done accurately.

These are some of the most common causes that develop ear cartilage pain.

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