Excessive Flatulence in Women

Flatulence in women is common. A woman’s body goes through a series of hormonal changes throughout her life which affects the normal digestive process. As flatulence is a result of the accumulation of gas in the stomach during digestion, many women will find that releasing gas is more prevalent during menopause and pregnancy. While many women take this for granted, there are ways that can prevent and treat excessive flatulence.

The treatment for flatulence in women simply involves making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. Flatulence, though common and normal, should not be undervalued especially if it is persistent and has been around for some time and comes with other unpleasant symptoms. Passing out gas could be an indication of an underlying health problem, like IBS and GERD.

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Why does flatulence occur?

Flatulence in women occurs in the same manner as it occurs in men. It refers to the expulsion of digestive gas from the rectum. Digestive gases could come from the air swallowed when eating or drinking. It could also be a result of the gas produced during digestion due to the inability of the body to break down certain carbohydrates in food. As a consequence, the bacteria living in the colon breaks them and gas is produced.

Studies have shown that men pass gas on the average of 12 times a day and women about 7 times a day. Even so, women’s gas has been found to contain high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. This renders the gas a rotten egg-like smell.

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What causes flatulence in women?

Flatulence is relatively normal and both sexes experience it. However, women experience it more often and this is due to several factors, such as:

  • Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause the digestive process to slow down, hence, resulting in flatulence. This is attributed to the increase in progesterone which causes the stomach muscles to loosen or relax thereby leading to gas buildup.

  • Menopause

Flatulence is also common among menopausal women as the estrogen levels decrease and result in the accumulation of gas.

  • Aging digestive system

Flatulence is also normal among middle-aged women primarily because of the aging digestive system which produces more gas.

  • Dietary changes

Experts have pointed out that dietary changes can also cause flatulence in women. This is especially true for menopausal women who opt for foods that are known to cause flatulence, like fruits and veggies.

Other factors that make women have frequent bouts of flatulence include acid reflux, constipation, hiatal hernia and stomach acid deficiency. Postponing bowel movement or incomplete emptying of bowels, such as when using public restrooms for hygienic reasons, also results in smelly flatulence.

How can flatulence in women be managed effectively?

Those who suffer from this condition must seek medical advice, more so when they experience unpleasant symptoms aside from gas, like high fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and chest pain. The treatment for flatulence helps in managing the condition as well as prevents future episodes. This often involves:

  • Avoiding flatulence-triggering foods
  • Proper eating habits, such as chewing food slowly
  • Over-the-counter medications for lactose indigestion
  • Avoiding carbonated drinks
  • Choosing foods that are easy to digest
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