Flatulence in Pregnant Women

Flatulence in pregnant women is a common annoyance during pregnancy.  This natural bodily function, which is a result of gas buildup during digestion, often causes social embarrassment especially since the gas that females release smells nastier than that discharged by males based on a recent study. Women, especially those who are pregnant, should know the reason behind flatulence to help her manage the condition effectively.

Addressing flatulence in pregnant women entails making healthy dietary choices and lifestyle changes. Passing gas when pregnant should not be a cause for concern unless it is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms. An expecting woman should consult her doctor first before taking any medications to address flatulence.

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Why is flatulence common during pregnancy?

Around two-thirds of pregnant women experience flatulence. The condition had been found to be at its peak during this time in a woman’s life. Flatulence is indeed commonplace during pregnancy due to the following reasons:

  • Raging hormones

Raging hormones is the major reason for flatulence during pregnancy. In particular, the progesterone hormone has been found to increase when a woman is pregnant. This hormone works in relaxing the muscles to facilitate a smooth pregnancy. At the same time, it also relaxes the gastrointestinal muscles which leads to the slowing down of digestion, thus, resulting to bloating and flatulence. This especially becomes an issue after having a heavy meal.

  • Growing uterus

The uterus and other organs situated in the abdomen, including the stomach, become compressed as the uterus grows. This compression could further decelerate digestion which causes bloating and more flatulence.

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  • Undigested food

The stomach houses several bacteria which take charge in digesting any undigested food. The bacteria then change the organic composition of the undigested food, resulting in gas buildup.

What can aggravate flatulence in pregnant women?

Unknown to many pregnant women, several things can exacerbate their gas problems. Some of these are:

  • Eating gassy and spicy foods

Food craving is normal during pregnancy, and often, distinguishing which types of foods disturb the normal digestive process is taken for granted by many expectant women. They don’t realize that some foods are notorious for causing gas, such as fried foods, beans, cauliflower, onions and cabbage. Spicy foods as well as carbonated drinks and fruit juices can also cause gas buildup.

  • Unhealthy eating habits

Eating too fast introduces the formation of gas pockets in the stomach. It could also cause one to chew the food improperly resulting in more undigested food to get into the stomach. Moreover, many pregnant women eat heavy meals which overload the digestive system and aggravate flatulence.

  • Lactose indigestion

Many people, including pregnant women, are unaware that they have lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerant have difficulty digesting milk and milk products. Lactose indigestion further intensifies flatulence during pregnancy.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Physical inactivity and unhealthy habits, like smoking, worsen a sluggish digestive system during pregnancy. Furthermore, wearing tight-fitting clothes tightens the stomach even more which could result in more severe flatulence.

Flatulence in pregnant women can be managed by the proper dietary and lifestyle modifications. It is highly recommended for expecting women who are suffering flatulence to seek medical advice before taking over-the-counter medications to relieve the unpleasant symptoms that comes with flatulence.

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