Signs of bipolar in women

Bipolar disorder is a form of mood disorder. It is a common problem that is also referred to as bipolar depression or manic depression. Women are more prone to the condition due to the continuous hormonal changes occurring in their bodies. It may also be noted that men are more likely to take medicines rather than elicit emotional instability. Hence, more women are diagnosed with bipolar as compared to men.

Women with bipolar may experience intense mood swings that cause serious depression as well as high levels of euphoria. When these two opposite emotive states alternate and become persistent, then the affected person is said to have bipolar disorder.

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Signs and symptoms of bipolar in women

Women affected by bipolar may experience the different stages of the condition in continuous rotation. The signs and symptoms of the different stages of bipolar disorder are listed below:

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  • Mania:Affected women may experience the following symptoms in this stage:
    • Feelings of being indestructible
    • Elevated sexual activity
    • Decreased sleep
    • Hyperactivity, which may include constant movement of the arms and legs, as well as other areas of the body
    • Irritability
    • Indulgent spending which may involve purchase of a completely new wardrobe. The new clothes will be brightly colored.
    • Delusional visions of grandeur
    • Fast speech which may involve rapid change of thoughts from one subject to another
    • Depression:Affected women may experience the following symptoms in this stage:
      • Irrational feeling of guilt which may be characterized by episodes of crying
      • Excessive sleepiness
      • An inclination towards committing suicide
      • Lowered energy levels
      • Poor hygiene
      • Elevated melancholia
      • Changes in weight, or unstable weight
      • Lowered self-esteem or self-worth
      • Decreased interest in the daily life activities
      • Hopelessness
      • Memory loss which may lead to loss of focus on essential tasks
      • Diminished social interaction resulting in loneliness
      • Mixed episodes:Affected women may simultaneously experience the symptoms of both mania and depression resulting in:
        • Increased irritability
        • Elevated and noticeable hostility
        • Excessive aggression and rage
        • Excessive tendency towards physical violence
        • Seasonal pattern:When individuals suffer from mood changes as per changes in the season, and when the pattern of depression and mania alters as per the changing seasons, then the condition is termed as seasonal affective bipolar disorder. It is far more common in women as compared to men.
        • Rapid cycling:It is a type of bipolar disorder that is characterized by the occurrence of 4 or more bouts of depression, mania, mixed episodes, and hypomania over a 12-month duration. It is also more common in women than men

Causes of bipolar in women

  • Irregularities in production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine can cause bouts of mania and depression. Such production changes are related to hormonal changes in the body, thereby placing women at greater risk towards developing bipolar disorder.
  • The condition also has hereditary causes
  • Bipolar may also result due to head injuries or traumatic incidences like death of a loved one.

Treatment for Bipolar disorder

Bipolar in women is treated with psychotherapy and medications

  • Affected women may be given antidepressants, stabilizers, and neuroleptics as per diagnosis
  • Group therapy, family therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy are also suggested for behavior modification
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