Barley Water Benefits

Barley, one of the most important cereal grains is also known for its versatility in terms of health benefits. Since ancient times this cereal grain has been used as a staple diet for peasants, as animal fodder and most importantly as the inevitable source of fermentation for beer and various distilled beverages.

Interestingly in the modern discourse the benefits of barley in various forms are being explored. One such form is the barley water which is undoubtedly superior than other beverages, is simple to make and has proven medical benefits.

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Nutritional value of Barley

1. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber as well as phosphorus needed to maintain and enhance body’s immunity.

2. All the essential vitamins that the human body needs such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and vitamin E are found in barley water.

3. Important minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium amongst others are in abundance in barley water.

4. It has excellent levels of antioxidants which is good for skin and digestion.

5. Barley water contains phytochemicals that reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Barley Water  – Health Benefits

Reduces cholesterol: The high fiber content of barley water helps reducing the cholesterol level in the body and maintains the cardiovascular health. The fiber content is also responsible for improving the bowel function and curing constipation as well as gastric inflammations by cooling down the stomach.

Beneficial for pregnant women: It is extremely useful for women, especially in pregnancy where it enhances lactation, reduces the pains of breastfeeding and helps boost the digestive system of the mother as well as the baby. It is useful in preventing gallstones, yeast and urinary tract infections that are common during pregnancy. Also it prevents infections such as Urinary tract infection, common among females.

Excellent cooling agent: As a cooling agent it is relatively superior to other drinks or thirst quenchers and is the best substitute for soft drinks. The cooling properties of barley water also reduces burning sensation in the stomach by lowering down the heat content of the body and flushing out the harmful toxins.

Maintaining weight loss: It is a great booster to reduce and maintain weight. Consuming it makes one feel fuller and controls the appetite. The high fiber content helps flushing out the fat substances from the body. Its cholesterol free character has made it a pretty popular drink among the ones trying to lose weight. Unlike other weight loss boosters barley water sustains the body mass loss for a longer time.

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Reducing the risk of diabetes: It has beta-glucan; a fibre that regulates the level of glucose and insulin and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in men and women. The magnesium content helps maintaining hundreds of enzymes in the body that increase the risk of diabetes.

Prevents Cancer: The high fibre content helps prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Also in other cases such as colon, stomach, prostate, rectum to name a few. The selenium in barley water reduces the risk of colon cancer. The fibre provides good bacteria useful in functioning of large intestines thus preventing the risk of colon cancer.

As an anti-aging agent: Skin care is one of the oldest areas dealt with when it comes to the usefulness of this water. The water flushes out unwanted harmful toxins from the body resulting in a better skin texture. It could also be used to wash face for a glowing skin.

Benefits for hair: Regular intake of it prevents hair loss, hair greying and dandruff. Copper mineral present in it helps in the formation of hair pigment called melanin which provides hair a natural color and prevents early graying of hair.


The fact that consuming barley water makes one healthier and gives a better lifestyle becomes more creditable with the simplest ways to make it. It could be prepared by just using water, pearl barley (easily available at super markets) and some freshly squeezed juices or simply adding lemon. Infact, it is a popular soft drink in Britain.

Interesting facts

1. The cereal plant barley, from which barley water is produced is grown throughout the year.

2. It is the official drink of Wimbledon players since 1935.

3. In ancient Egypt it was highly esteemed used in Egyptian religious ceremonies.

4. It was an important source of energy and strength for the Roman gladiators.

5. Ancient civilizations used barley water to improve complexion and reduce wrinkles.

Side effects

Since barley water is a completely natural drink it hardly has any side effects. Infact it is medically proven safe for children as well. However one must avoid over consuming it; for it could cause stomach irritation and loose bowels. Also, gluten intolerant people should avoid drinking barley water since it has gluten.

Thus, barley water is enormously useful for a healthy body among all age groups with hardly any side effects. It is not only commercially available but could easily be made at home in a few minutes. Boiling a tablespoon of barley in one litre of water till the water reduces to half, is as simple as it sounds and the easiest natural and homemade drink. Unlike other readymade drinks, barley water has negligible sugar content. If adopted as a routine drink, it would defend the body against countless health problems.



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